bricklayer measuring wall on building site

What is Renovation Insurance?

If you are planning refurbishment works to your home you are required to inform your insurer before the works begin. If you do not, you run the risk that your insurance policy will not cover you should you need to make a claim whilst your house is undergoing renovations. However, don't despair, there are number of specialist insurance schemes available that will cover you.

Things to note.

A good renovation insurance policy will cover

You can usually select from a 6, 12 or 18 months policy term for your renovation site insurance, based on how long you think your renovation project will take. It is a good idea to insure for a little longer than you are planning for the project to take, because extensions to renovation policies can be very expensive.

Remember that you need your cover to be in place as soon as you buy your land or plot, and for your protection to continue right up to completion of your project.

One last thing to think about if you are moving into the house when the works are complete. Sometimes there is an option to convert renovation insurance to a home policy upon completion of the works if you finish your project before the insurance has finished. We recommend that you ask if this option is available before you obtain a quotation for your renovation insurance cover.